Monday, 15 December 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,365

Last week Wiggle had a vets appointment for a review of his medication and discuss options moving forward.  He was, as always, happy to be there and looking out for Malcolm, our vet:

I had been concerned that Wiggle was having trouble with his sight and after a thorough examination, Malcolm confirmed that Wiggle does seem to have some retinal detachment in his left eye and the vision in his right eye isn't perfect either.  It's more noticeable when he is off-lead which is probably due to him walking on my right so having me close to his left side.

There's nothing that can be done, except to monitor him and for me to be mindful of how his life might change if his sight continues to deteriorate but having shared my home with Bumpy Jake who was completely blind, it's something that we will cope with.

As far as Wiggle's mobility problems, we came to the conclusion that he has muscle wastage in his hind legs and rather than being in pain, is more unsteady.  To help him try and build up some muscle, we are going to start hydrotherapy in the new year so went along to a centre at the weekend to view the facilities and meet the staff.

We got to watch another 12 year old Lab while he had his session and chat to his owner which was reassuring so we are hopeful that the sessions will help Wiggle.

In other news, the annual Wiggle fundraising calendar is on its way!

More details to follow very soon!


teagantimes said...

Hey Wiggle, you are going to love hydrotherapy! There was a pool where my groomer used to work from and it looked like great fun but I wasn't allowed in.

FerFer1958 said...

Wiggle, you couldn't be in better paws anywhere else... except maybe Lucy's mom :)

Ray and the Gang said...

Mr. Shaq loved his Hydrotherapy and of course massage.

belleau kitchen said...

if he's anything like other labs he will LOVE the hydrotherapy and will see it more as fun time than anything else... love to all x