Monday, 23 June 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,190

As tennis balls are Wiggle's favourite toy, he is excited that Wimbledon has started and to celebrate, he was allowed his special tournament tennis ball that we got last year when we visited the world famous Centre Court:

Sofy is resting, so only had one tennis ball:

After doing a good down stay, Wiggle of course chose his special tennis ball:

He's ready for the tennis!

Sofy is doing ok, resting a lot but still not comfortable following her injury.  After talking to the vets yesterday, she is now also having Tramadol to help her feel more comfortable.  She has an appointment on Wednesday with the vet so until then, it's fingers and paws crossed that she hasn't done anything serious.


Ray and the Gang said...

Lots of positive thoughts going to Sofy.

Rubyjen said...

Good luck at the vets today Sofy. Xxx