Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,918

We've had a fabbie day at the LRSE&C Dogs Party.  We were up bright and early to get setup to run registration and not long after, lovely Max arrive and joined us for a while:
Cato was enjoying her first Dogs Party:

Special LRSE&C girl Millie:

Cato, Wiggle and Sofy watching everything:

Our old friend Berkley:

Wiggle was busy with a chewy:

The Puppy Under 12 Months Class:

Wiggle thought about sitting on the mats, used for the Musical Mats Class:

The start line for the Sausage & Spoon Race:

And they're off!  (Not many sausages made it back in one piece!):

Cute little 5 month old Dolly, another special LRSE&C girl:

Wiggle, resting:



We've all had a really lovely day. Sofy barked a lot, Wiggle got a 4th place rosette for Most Handsome LRSE&C Dog and 2nd for Golden Oldie, Cato came 2nd in Best Puppy and together, dressed in their Team LRSE&C outfits, came 4th in Fancy Dress.
There's lots more lovely photo's on the LRSE&C Facebook Page here


Rubyjen said...

Lovely day. Great to put some faces to names-dogs and humans! Well done to everyone who had anything to do with putting this event together.

Jenny and Ruby Xx

FerFer1958 said...

so it was a very rewarding day with all those prizes :)
those youngster are so cute.
very nice pictures.
I think Sofy had a paw on Wiggle's tail during his chewing moment lol

Ray and the Gang said...

I got some neat ideas for activities at our next Heart of Texas Lab Rescue picnic.

Looks like everyone had a Fabbie time.

Ray & the gang