Friday, 20 September 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,916

We're in London for the weekend, after driving up last night.  Today we took Wiggle, Sofy, Toby and Cato for a lovely walk in Greenwich Park.
Sofy wasn't sure which way to go while Cato and Toby headed in the same direction:
Sofy and Cato, boinging around:

Wiggle ran around with his tennis ball, with the view of Canary Wharf across the river in the background:

Sitting and waiting for the ball:

Wiggle and Toby were sniffing around while Sofy and Cato were bounding around:

Cato loves to run around, with Wiggle following:

Sofy trying to look cute for a treat:

Lovely Cato:

Wiggle kept on running with his ball:

And kept going....

After running down the hill, Cato and Toby had to run back up the hill:

Two go in one direction, the other two go the other direction:

Cato in motion:

Sitting outside the Royal Observatory:

The view - The Royal Naval College and Canary Wharf beyond:

Mindy and I were getting a little hungry so we stopped for snacks:

Watching our food being prepared:

Toby liked the look of my Honest Sausage hotdog!

After our rest, more running:

Toby watched the ball games:

Wiggle, Sofy and Cato playing:

Running back to me:

Wiggle and Sofy at the bandstand:

We had a really lovely visit to Greenwich Park, enjoying all the open space and will definitely go there again.


FerFer1958 said...

that's a gorgeous place.
beautiful pictures.
nice to see them having so much fun.

Lucy the Lab said...

What a fabbie day! I am hoping you all got a bit of those "Honest Sausages"...

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx