Sunday, 25 August 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,890

Wiggle & Sofy have been having a relaxing Sunday.  Their day has gone like this:

7.30am - wake me, get on the bed with me for cuddles
8.00m - bored of cuddles, want breakfast
8.10 - breakfast eaten, wee's & poo's done, now nap
9.30am - go for walk
10.00am - back from walk, nap
1.00pm - send me to lunch at parents with Tupperware box to bring home leftovers
4.00pm - welcome me home, eat dinner with leftovers mixed into kibble
4.05pm - nap
6.00pm - walk in the field
6.45pm - home again, nap
9.00pm - look half awake, then get ready for more napping....

1 comment:

Rubyjen said...

That sounds like a lovely Sunday. Ours was: 8ish up for breakfast and a garden trip.Back to bed for snuggles while Mum reads. Up for toast. Wait for playmate (yellow lab Lola) to arrive. Spend an hour in and out the river and picking our own blackberries. Back home for a clean up and a snuggly towel. Snooooze. Playmate went home so can now relax and snooooooooze some more. Ruby xx