Sunday, 4 August 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,869

Today is our last full day in the city so this morning I made sure Wiggle, Sofy and Toby had a good walk and we went to Moredon Hall Park.
Despite heavy rain showers this week, the river was low, so it was more about splashing than swimming:
Toby went to investigate under the bridge:

Sofy and Wiggle, paddling:

Out of the water and our walk across the park:

Wiggle was way ahead, under the tree's but Sofy and Toby were staying closer to me:

One of the last few group shots of our holiday:

Wiggle & Sofy run around after the ball, while Toby just runs around:

Back in the water for more paddling:

Toby didn't feel like chasing the ball so left it to Sofy and Wiggle:

All 3 getting wet:

Wiggle had brought me the ball:

This afternoon, Wiggle wanted to spend some time on the balcony:

Deciding it was a good spot, he lay down to snooze in the sun:

Before long though, he had company:

Toby's humans are on their way back and tomorrow we go home but we've had a lovely holiday, done lots and we'll look forward to the next time we visit.

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FerFer1958 said...

I feel like this visit has been the longest one I can remember.
So nice to see them enjoying new places and giving Toby some good company. I'm sure he will miss them both.