Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,794

Continuing the fun of our walk on Sunday, here's the rest of the photo's.

Wiggle seemed to remember where the river was and after snacking on sheep-poopsnacks, he made his way to the water:

Sofy was also keen to get her paws wet:

Wiggle carried his ball as he explored the river bank:

Waiting for the ball:

Wiggle kept his eye on the ball while Sofy was too busy watching me!

Sun and water:

Having fun, splashing around:

Once Wiggle had the ball back, he kept hold of it:

Back on dry land, walking through the buttercups:

Sofy was running around, searching out more sheep-poopsnacks:

Every walk along the old railway track requires a photo at Wiggle's halt:

Back in the car, two soggy dogs!

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Fernando F. said...

2 happy/tired/wet/handsome/pretty Labs :)