Sunday, 12 May 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,785

Tweet-Up with Lucyyellowlab, part 1

Today we met up with Lucy the Yellow Lab and her humans. We met at Caen Hill Locks in Devizes and started out with coffee and snacks.  Sofy was interested in the food on the table:

Wiggle was also keen to see if any food was coming his way:

While Lucy was sitting between her humans:

We saw a family of swans (and there's a story there, but thats for another day!):

Wiggle and Sofy on the towpath:

Wiggle, Sofy and Lucy:

Lovely Lucy:

At the bottom of the steep hill of locks:

Taking time out for a rest:

Lucy and Wiggle (Sofy was too busy barking to be in the photo):

Wiggle was happy to walk with Stuart, back up to the top:

Lots more photo's from part 2 of our walk, so check back tomorrow!


Fernando F. said...

Lucy's tail looks very fluffy :)
Nice to see tweet members getting together.

Flower Deadwood said...

Ooh Sofy you are like my Jussi he barks alot too..