Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,683

This evening Sofy went to the vets for her annual check up and booster. 

Sofy was VERY excited to see the vet and literally pulled me in to reception and then launched herself at the counter, hoping she would get a treat:

(Sofy was so excited, she was all blurry!).

After a thorough examination, Sofy was pronounced fit and healthy and I'm very pleased that she has kept off the weight that she lost last year.

Sofy, on the other hand, looks less happy that she is still slim and claims that she isn't being fed enough...


Fernando F. said...

Is amazing how much a dog can remember the places where they got a treat.
I'm very happy to see Sofy all healthy.

Rubyjen said...

I'm sure Sofy is sucking her cheeks in!

Ray and the Gang said...

I hope they checked her blood to Pizza Crust level. You don't want that dropping too low.

Carol said...

Yay Sofy, what a good girl