Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,673

When we walked in the field this afternoon, Wiggle and Sofy made a nice discovery - an abandoned frisbee!

Sofy was very keen on chasing the frisbee:

She was flicking snow around with her new found toy:

Dusted with snow:

Chasing after the flying frisbee:

Wiggle was less interested, probably he would have preferred to find a tennis ball:

Sofy, pulling faces, because she can:

Wiggle & Sofy, a wintery scene:

Chasing after the frisbee:

Sofy seemed to be enjoying getting covered in snow:

Wiggle makes a dive:

Sofy had got distracted so Wiggle was on his own, running after the frisbee:

So Wiggle, claiming the frisbee as his, tried to chew it:

"Ok, I won't chew it, but only if you thrown it":

His triumph was short lived, as on the next throw, it was Sofy who got the frisbee by diving head first into the snow:

More chasing:

Sofy was going to have to say goodbye to her new toy as we left it in the field so another dog could have fun in the snow:

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

That frisbee was a good find.
Tons of free fun.
I'm sure Wiggle didn't like the fact that the frisbee didn't come to the ground as a tennis ball do.