Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wiggle's Day at the LRSE&C Dogs Party

We've had a great day at the LRSE&C Dogs Party.  Mindy and I were there early to get the games registration stall setup and before long, lots of people and their dogs had arrived.

Wiggle made lots of new friends and was taken into the "Musical Mats" - he's in the middle:

Unfortunately Wiggle was more interested in sniffing out the smells instead of finding a mat when the music stopped!

Some of the stalls:

Lovely old Berkely won Musical Mats:

Wiggle was getting plenty of walks by willing volunteers (note how he is still sniffing!):

Happy party dog:

There will young Labbie's at the party:

And older Labbies, like the very handsome Bosun:

Wiggle met up with his pal Dougal:

And also gorgeous Max, another lovely Black Lab with skin problems:

Wiggle spent some time meeting and greeting, sitting by his information board:

And one of the last classes was Fancy Dress.  Wiggle wore his backpack to dress up as "Wiggle, Out & About".  He won a rosette for 2nd place!


Fernando F. said...

looks like a fantastic day.
Wiggle looks very sociable with new people.

Carol said...

What a fun party!