Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,543

It's been another sunny and warm day here so this afternoon, once it had cooled down due to the cooling breeze, we went up to the Downs.  Wiggle was struggling to keep control of his ears:

We walked up through the tree's, with Wiggle running around with his ball:

There weren't many benches around so Sofy improvised with a tree stump:

Wiggle wasn't hanging around though and was off again, running ahead, following the path:

Once we were up on the ridge, Wiggle dropped his ball and gave me his "throw it please!" look:

Sofy came running back first, even though Wiggle had the ball:

Waiting for the ball, oblivious of the beautiful scenery!

Running again, Wiggle follows Sofy:

Still following, but this time Wiggle has the ball:

Taking it in turns to fetch:

Quick rest:

Wiggle was running through the long grass, still carrying his ball:

Sofy stopped to take in the view, while Wiggle was becoming a smaller dot in the distance!

Wiggle decided to join Sofy and I again:

Sofy was sniffing out interesting smells:

But it seemed like Wiggle didn't want to walk with us and ignoring my calls, he headed off, doing his own thing:

By the time we reached the gallops, Wiggle was too tired to play at being a racing pony:

Getting to the end of our walk (the tree's in the background are where we started from):

After the lovely walk we had, there is sad news to share.

Sweet little Bella, who stayed with us back in November 2009, has passed away just before the weekend.  This was Bella when she stayed here: 

And this was Bella last month, when Wiggle and I went to visit:

We will never know what had happened to Bella before she came to LRSE&C but thanks to Kate, Graham, Zoe, Edie and Joel, she had the most wonderful family any dog could wish for and spent the last part of her life surrounded by love.  We feel very lucky to have shared Bella's last big walk in the park.

Sleep peacefully, Bella

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Fernando F. said...

while many dogs walk in a small park Wiggle has the entire county for himself. He has no fences so he just go ahead, maybe checking if everything is ok for his mom to walk on.
I think Wiggle and Sofy are trying to keep mom happy by "allowing" her to throw the ball. Maybe they don't enjoy the chasing the ball thing but they do it just for mom :) maybe

I'm sad for Bella but more for the humans that enjoy her. Once Bella found Wendy her future was seal: she was going to be loved and care until her last day. I can't imagine a dog or cat wanting anything else. Thanks Wendy.