Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,435

Wiggle has had a bath this evening.  He wasn't all that happy about it, but as the grass has got so long in the fields after all the rain, its the time of year when he starts to get itchier, so the time had come for him to get in the tub.  And look woeful:

Once his Malaseb bath was done, he was straight outside to woogle on the grass:

Wagging and woogling:

Then some leaping:

And boinging around:

After calming down, Wiggle was looking less unhappy:

Once he was in his towelling robe, Wiggle resumed his woeful expression:


Fernando F. said...

is amazing how much his expressions changes with when he has his rub. Is like he had suffered corporal punishment minutes ago. he is just a big baby.

Angus and Milo said...

Hi Wiggle

It's always great fun to have a roll around on the grass after the dreaded bath. Hope you found something good and stinky to roll in. Bye From Milo & Jet

Amarjeet said...

Its look great.

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