Sunday, 11 August 2019

Golden Boy

It's been a sunshiney and showery kind of day but we got out in the fields before the rain and while it was sunny, Ziggy was golden!

He had fun earlier in the week while DeeDee was still with us, especially when we all went for a walk by the river in town:

DeeDee and Ziggy share a love of toy shredding so had a destruction session before DeeDee went home:

Yesterday we went over to Grandyma's to take her shopping and stop in at Dobbies for some lunch.  

Ziggy likes it there as he gets tons of fuss and sometimes so tasty snacks.  He likes to look as woeful and deserving of a snack as he possibly can:

As much as Ziggy likes coming shopping, he loves our walks in the fields close to home.  He never runs too far ahead, always turning every so often to check I'm sitll following

Surrounded by golden fields:

A lovely Sunny Sunday walk: 

1 comment:

FerFer1958 said...

looks like a beautiful walk.
he looks very happy to be around you.
and tomorrow is his gotcha day!!! so he
should get new treats