Sunday, 12 May 2019

Bath Days and Fun Days

Ziggy continues to have his Malaseb baths, 3 times a week and along with the medication, his skin is looking great and not reacting to the allergens that have been such an issue. 

And as he has a bath so often, he of course has his own personalised towel:

Ziggy likes to come out with me and especially likes going to the garden centre with his Grandyma as it's very dog friendly and usually means special treats.

Perhaps one of the reasons Ziggy likes it there is that there are comfy sofa's where he can watch people and get extra fuss:

As well as relaxing Ziggy loves running in the fields near where we live:

Last weekend he was a Dog on a Log:

Ziggy has moments of activity, running:

And wallowing.  He hasn't achieved proper swimming yet.

While out in the Cotswolds at the weekend, Ziggy met an interesting character in Moreton in Marsh.  Quite random.

And mostly, Ziggy is a Very Good Boy who is so loved and so happy

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FerFer1958 said...

who's a good boy? who's a good boy?
yes you are, you are a good boy :)