Sunday, 27 January 2019

Tummy Tufts

Ziggy has tummy tufts!  It's taken a long time, but there is now some fur slowly coming through on his tummy.

He's still got lots of fur missing so has had to wrap up for walks, but he's happy and doesn't even mind wearing pink!

It's been a long process to get this far, Malaseb bath's every other day for the past 6 months, medication and regular visits to the vet.  But Ziggy is the happiest boy and happily gets in the bath and lets me rub in the shampoo and clean his ears so we can keep the infections under control.  Ziggy likes being dried with the hairdryer after he's been towel-dried.

After recent dreay, rainy weather, today was bright but cold, so we took a walk up at Black Dog Halt. 

It didn't take Ziggy long to get slobber on his face:

Looks sunny but the wind was brrry cold!

Ziggy does like to sniff!

Once we were home Ziggy had his bath and spent some quality time on the sofa, doing what he does best - snoozing! 

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Unknown said...

Awww. Ziggy!!! You sweet baby!! You are so very lucky to live with such great people that love and take care of you!!🌷❤🙏 love from Abigail, Chino and Mr. Pickles