Sunday, 29 April 2018

Getting better, day by day

Thankfully this week's blog entry is good news - Ziggy is much better than he was a week ago!

After speaking and texting with Bridget the vet, the various test results came back in after the scrapings and blood samples etc taken on Friday.  Fortunately, Ziggy did not have sarcoptic mange but he did have a severe skin infection caused by 3 different bacteria.

New antibiotics were prescribed and we started back on the prednisolone steroids, initially on a higher dose which has since been reduced.  

By Tuesday, Ziggy was a lot brighter although the fur he does have was falling out in clumps and his sore skin was flaking off due to the infection:

But despite the flaking skin and fur falling out, even just looking at his eyes, I could tell Ziggy was feeling a lot better:

The extra dose of steroids was making Ziggy need to wee more but he was able to come to work and have plenty of toilet breaks.  Ziggy likes coming to work as he gets to hang out with Lilly and he loves Lilly:

Happy Baldy Dog:

Hopefully now we have got to the cause of Ziggy's skin problems and he will continue to get better and back to being the daft but happy boy I've come to love.


Jennifer Edington said...

Oh Ziggy, so glad you're feeling better. Sounds like positive news. Eddie and his friend Fletch decapitated a cat slipper then destuffed it. You, and Wiggle, would've been very proud of them. Xxx

Ray and the Gang said...

What wonderful news.

Teagan said...

That is such good news, he does indeed look a much happier perky boy! Hopefully the baldy patches will one day be all gone.
xx Teagan xx

FerFer1958 said...

those are wonderful news