Sunday, 25 March 2018

Back to Black Dog Halt

Today Ziggy and I went for a walk along the old railway track, the starting point of our walk being a place that is very special to me, Black Dog Halt.

As we walked, I realised that I had not taken that route since before Wiggle passed away but it was nice to think of the happy memories.

Ziggy was happy to trot along, taking it all in:

After recent rain, there was plenty of mud for Ziggy to splash in:

Daft, muddy Baldy Dog:

Ziggy ran ahead, just like Wiggle used to, as if he knew where he was: 

Through a gateway, we could see a large puddle had formed in the fields which lead to the river: 

I've never seen Ziggy run ahead as fast as he did today when he saw the water!

And he was in!

I just loved seeing him so utterly happy, splashing in the water, then running to me before heading back to the water:

And just as I was thinking how perfect it all was, I noticed Ziggy had found his idea of perfection - something nasty and stinky to roll in:

After some more splashing around, we headed back the way we had come:

And Ziggy had a bath as soon as we got home!


FerFer1958 said...

Ziggy is just Wiggle 2.0.
The Universe thought it will be a good idea to send Wiggle back for extra time :)

Ray and the Gang said...

Black Dog Halt was waiting for the return of its Black Dog.

And Ziggy knew that it was time for another bath so might as well get in a good mucking before hand ;)