Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ziggy's A Very Good Boy

It's only been 6 months since Ziggy arrived but in some ways it seems like much longer.  It might be because in many ways he is so similar to Wiggle in the way he behaves and how he has bonded with me.  Sometimes he will do something and it's just like seeing Wiggle and considering how special he was, I feel very lucky to have had Ziggy come into my life.

And Ziggy seems pretty happy with things too, like coming out to lunch with family yesterday and being a Very Good Boy.  Just like Wiggle, Ziggy is well behaved wherever he goes and he especially enjoyed all the attention he got.

After our food had been eaten and we all sat chatting, Ziggy had a quick nap:

Once we were back at Grandma's house, Ziggy was overjoyed to receive the fabbie Care Bear that Grandma had got for him in the charity shop:

Ziggy slept in this morning after all the excitement of yesterday but by lunchtime he was happy to get wrapped up warm for a walk across the fields:

Despite the sunshine, it was bitterly cold: 

While I enjoyed the view, Ziggy enjoyed the smells:

1 comment:

FerFer1958 said...

maybe Wiggle decided to come back.
he was very smart so probably found a way.
cost him some of his hair though