Sunday, 7 August 2016

Wiggle - Day 2,987

After a lovely couple of weeks, its all back to normal for us now.  LucytheLab's mum Jana went home to Seattle yesterday and I am so glad she got to meet Wiggle as when she booked her flight, I honestly didn't think he would still be with me.

Before we left London earlier this week, Wiggle had some one to one time with me when we drove to Wandsworth Common for a little walk.  He enjoyed being out and about:

Last weekend we met up with some of our lovely Twitter friends at Richmond Park - Left to right Cato, Haggis, Wiggle, Star, Olive, Chico, Oban and Dougal:

Wiggle did give me a scare when he fell down and couldn't get back up but after sitting with him for a while, he was then able to walk over to the brook and watch the others playing:

Tired Wiggle:

Back at the house, Wiggle was worn out but happy to have seen his friends:

Since we got back, Wiggle has been taking things easy and this morning stayed home while Sofy and I went up to the Downs.  She still needs to run around so was happy to be out in the sunshine:

Next weekend Wiggle has an appointment with a groomer for a bath as despite being old and wobbly, he does like to take care of his personal hygiene! 

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FerFer1958 said...

Wiggle had 3 lives of running on those wonderful fields you have there.
He had a super fulfilling life with you.
Contrasting this with his previous life is impossible. Is just the opposite.
All we can do is love them till the last second and you are already doing that.