Sunday, 1 May 2016

Wiggle - Day 2,889

Poor Wiggle, old age is getting the better of him.  

One downside to getting old for Wiggle is that sometimes he can't go through the night without needing to pee.  So despite being 13 years and 7 months old, Wiggle has puppy pads!  I love him too much to worry about a bit of wee so puppy training pads are the answer.

Another noticeable change in Wiggle is that his walks are getting shorter.  He does want to go out and sniff the grass and potter about but he can't manage to go too far and he often stops for a rest.  It makes me happy to see him out but sad when I then take Sofy out for longer knowing Wiggle used to enjoy our walks in the fields so much.

But despite this, he's happy and interested in what's going on, loves his fuss and cuddles and is my Waggy Wiggle.

1 comment:

FerFer1958 said...

of course he is happy.
also, I don't think he misses his walks
if now they cause him some pain.
Fuss and cuddles sounds great. I was
having them with my cat Kiko this morning.