Sunday, 24 January 2016

Wiggle - Day 2,791

Wiggle's favourite pastime these days is lounging on his bed. He sleeps a lot but at his age, that's fine. 

He still likes his walks but takes his time, walking at a much slower pace.  I was looking back to Wiggle's first winter here and he was a lot more active!

Wiggle still loves his fuss and cuddles and tries to play with his toys but more often than not, ends up falling over but it doesn't bother him, he still tries to play.  And when he dreams, he still has running dreams....

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Teagan said...

He's looking very distinguished isn't he! As long as he has a nice comfy bed then it's good that he is making good use of it to rest after his walks... and swims!
When we lived at our old house, there was one dog in the village that was very old and he was taken out for 'walks' in one of those low garden trolleys. And another old fellow was driven up the lane in a car from his house to the edge of a field so he could just do the nice bit of the walk!
Keep on snoozing Wiggle! It's a great hobby.