Sunday, 27 September 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Wiggle!

It's actually tomorrow but we've been celebrating early!

Last weekend was the LRSE&C Dogs Party which Wiggle enjoyed:

Sofy stayed home as she gets herself too wound up barking but she'd had a super fun walk in Richmond with Haggis and Cato.  Haggis found a muddy stream:

Sofy was running with her tongue hanging out:

Splashing about in the water:

And running through the trees:

We saw a stag that had been taking a walk near the car park:

Wiggle and Sofy always enjoy our visits to London but Sunday was all about Wiggle!  He spent sometime in the show ring with Wayne who was running the games:

Taking it all in:

Proudly showing off his rosette for being a special LRSE&C Dog:

If it wasn't for LRSE&C I honestly don't think Wiggle would have made it to his old age but I will be forever grateful that the charity took him in and trusted me to care for him.

Wiggle is showing his age - he's wobbly and can't walk very far and doesn't really run any more but he loves his weekly hydrotherapy sessions and his tail still wags and every day that he's here I make sure he know's how much he is loved.


FerFer1958 said...

happy birthday (this Monday) handsome Wiggle.
I will repeat once more: Wiggle won the lottery
when he found you.

Ray and the Gang said...

Yay for Wiggle. I bet he was the star of the event.

Damn nice Stag.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to Lucy's cutest boy that she loves best xx! She's watching him from heaven :)

- Lucy the Lab's mom