Sunday, 9 August 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,622

In all the time that I've had Wiggle and Sofy, they've always gone for walks together but yesterday, for the first time, I took them separately.  All 3 of us went for a short walk which was as much as Wiggle could manage so we brought him home and Sofy and I went back out.

Sofy enjoyed herself, walking to the field to run around but for me, it was a horribly strange feeling having an empty right hand, but sadly I have to accept that as much as I would like him to come on long walks, Wiggle just can't go so far anymore.

Today thought, we drove up to Maud Heath so Wiggle could go straight from the car into the fields:

Sofy was going at a faster pace than Wiggle:

Wiggle takes things slower:

Sometimes you've just got to stop and take in the view:

Words cannot express how much I love this boy:

Some things don't change - like wanting to walk on ahead:

Meanwhile, Sofy was still zooming around:

A view I will never tire of seeing - Wiggle and Sofy enjoying themselves!


Ray and the Gang said...

We all slow down over time. Good that you are there to help Wiggle from over doing himself.

sandrajs1974 said...

I can tell that you are worried about the handsome Wiggle. My thoughts are with you.
The walks may be shorter and the energy levels may have dropped, but he is still smiling and being a Labrador his appetite will be fine too.
Big hugs for Wiggle and Sofie, and I wish you well too.

FerFer1958 said...

Wiggle might be changing but what I remember are all
those years of running like the King of the hill he was.
I doubt many dogs have Wiggle's mileage.
Probably he doesn't want to run like before because
he knows he will be in pain afterwards.
I think he loves walking with mom in the place he loves
so much.