Monday, 6 April 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,477

This weekend we've mostly been relaxing, pottering about and taking things easy although on Saturday, both Wiggle and Sofy went swimming.

Wiggle was an excellent swimmer as usual but Sofy was a bit unsure at first but soon got the idea.  Afterwards, she decided the needed to do a lot of woogling!

A bit soggy still, quite woolly but all woogled-out:

For the last couple of days, the weather has perked up so we've taken our walks in the field.  Wiggle doesn't go as far or as fast these days, but he still enjoys getting out:

Sometimes Wiggle has a burst of speed:

And he still likes to chew the grass (note the evidence):

While Wiggle was sniffing and chewing, Sofy played ball:


This morning, Sofy and Wiggle took it in turns to lay in the sunny spot:

Sleepy Wiggle:


FerFer1958 said...

for them living in Paradise seems a lot of work :) they need lots of sleep

Ray and the Gang said...

I so enjoy reading the antics of Wiggle and his side kick Sofy. And of course seeing them in their Fleece coats.