Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

For a while now I have been noticing that Wiggle is showing his age and slowing down.  Although this time of year gives us less opportunities for long walks without getting cold, wet or both, Wiggle has been less active.

He has more grey on his face and paws and his eyes are starting to get cloudy and his joints are more stiff but despite old age, Wiggle still loves his cuddles and playing with his toys and enjoys coming to work with me every fortnight to then do our Pets As Therapy visits in the evening.

I am truly thankful for the time Wiggle has been with me, for all the fun things we've done together and the friends we have made.  He still loves to curl up on the sofa with me and shows his cheeky side, giving me a questioning look if he thinks he is due a treat.

Of course I'm hoping that Wiggle is here with me for a long time yet as he is such a special, affectionate, easy going boy and I love him more than words can say but for now, I'm thankful for each and every day with Wiggle.


Jennifer Edington said...

Beautifully put. Bless his lovely face. Jen&Ruby Xx

Unknown said...

I am so thankful Wiggle is my most special boy that I loves xx
Lucy the Lab xx

FerFer1958 said...

Wiggle couldn't receive more love in any other home in this planet. I'm thankful for that since I like him very much.

belleau kitchen said...

This has made me sad thinking of our Hollydog but you've expressed your feelings beautifully and I feel your joy.