Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,230

Today is our last in London but we've had a lovely week.  On Thursday afternoon we met up with Dougal to visit the Black Lab Coffee House again and this time, Haggis came too.

After refreshments, we stopped at Clapham Common for a walk:

Yesterday morning, I managed to get all 4 together for a photo while we were at Tooting:

And in the afternoon, my aunt was visiting so we took the bus into town, stopping at the Bluebird Cafe in Chelsea for some lunch.  Haggis was made to feel very welcome and given a bowl of water:

After a stroll along the Kings Road and browsing some shops, he was a tired puppy and slept while we went out for dinner.

Today, life is getting back to normal for Cato and Haggis as Paul and Mindy are now home and we will leave for home tomorrow.  A lovely week for all of us!

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