Sunday, 9 March 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,085

It's been a beautiful spring day here so we were out this morning, enjoying the sunshine and a walk along the old railway track.

Wiggle was ahead, leading us across the bridge:

But what he really wanted was to be offlead and with his tennis ball:

Sofy stayed on lead, to keep her from the temptations of small furry things/dead things:

Wiggle wanted to go through into the field, but had to wait for me to open the dog gate:

Sofy was less patient!

Once in the field, they were both running free:

And down to the river which was a lot deeper and flowing faster, due to all the recent rain:

Wiggle paddled:

Waiting for the ball:

Making a splash:

Sofy took a moment to look serious:

Wiggle just wanted the ball:

Sofy got the ball, but Wiggle still wagged, spraying water with his tail:

Sofy proved that she can make the biggest splash:

Back out of the water, running in the sunshine to dry off:

A handsome pair, even if I do say so myself!

Sofy certainly had a spring in her step:

Wiggle waited by the dog flap, knowing I'd have to lift it for him:

Wiggle took his time on the way back:

But did break into a trot to catch up with Sofy and me:

And as with any walk along the old railway track, the traditional photo at Wiggle's Halt:


FerFer1958 said...

they are a handsome pair :)
Sofy is very athletic.
Wiggle cheating by being ahead still funny.
Such a nice day for 2 Labs looking for fun.

Ray and the Gang said...

I love Sofy's style of clearing fences.

And of course the obligatory picture at Black Dog Halt.