Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,030

This morning Wiggle and I had a very important appointment - his assessment to become a visiting volunteer for Pets As Therapy

We still have to get our application completed and approved, but all being well, it won't be too long before Wiggle and I will be able to volunteer.

After our assessment, we stopped at Maude Heath for our walk.  Wiggle and Sofy were happy to be off-lead and looking forward to playing ball:

Time to play:

Wiggle made time to stop for a little cowpoopsnack:

And then it was back to chasing the tennis ball - which included Wiggle trying to fly:

As Sofy had the ball, Wiggle chased her:

Being handsome and pretty:

Then running downhill:

Wiggle: "Throw the ball again, please?"

More running, before heading back to the car:


Milo and Jet said...

HI Wiggle & Sofy
Looks like you both had great time playing the chase game and there is nothing better then a good game of fetch. We look forward to hearing the outcome of your therapy dog assessment :) Milo & Jet

Rubyjen said...

Good Luck Wiggle. We looked into PAT for Ruby when she was younger, but having gone through the forms we decided she was too bouncy! She'd probably be great now. :)