Saturday, 28 December 2013

Wiggle - Day 2,015

After the sadness of losing Toby yesterday, I realised that I hadn't posted photo's of our lovely last walk with him at Richmond Park on Boxing Day.  It was a cold, misty morning in the park.
Sofy was taking time to raise her energy levels:
While Wiggle was busy running with his ball:

Toby was very perky on Boxing Day, trotting along by the river:

Sofy was in the river:

Wiggle and Cato were running around:

Toby, looking happy as he headed for a puddle:

And in the puddle, some fun splashing around:

Muddy fun:

Green parakeets live in the tree's in the park:

Yesterday, we were of course quite subdued but today, we had a cold, crisp start to our day so went out early to cheer ourselves up with a walk at Greenwich Park:

Wiggle, with his ball as usual:

Cato and Sofy, best of friends:

Running in the sunshine in the historic park:

Cheeky Sofy, sticking her tongue out for their photo:

A sneaky squirrel ran out in front of us:

Starting to slow down, running uphill towards coffee and breakfast.  Shared with the dogs, of course:

We all miss Toby but are very glad that he had such a fun day on Boxing Day and that we were able to share it with him.


FerFer1958 said...

Toby was a happening dog.
I'm just happy that Cato is there to take the share of distracting the humans.
I love to expand the pictures and see all the details.
Cato and Sofy have a special relation. That playful/"fighting" action they had last time kind of bond them now.

Rubyjen said...

So lovely to see that Toblie was still having such fun with his friends right up to the end. Great memories of a lovely boy. Xxx

Rubyjen said...
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Unknown said...

Sincere condolences to you and your friends on the loss of their lovely lad, know what they are going through.

Run free at the bridge Toby