Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wiggle - Day 1,966

Today's been a dreary sort of a day with lots of rain but we were lucky earlier and got a walk in between showers.  Wiggle and Sofy ran around, checking for new smells since we had been in the field yesterday:

While Wiggle carried on sniffng, Sofy was boinging around:

After a while, Wiggle came running back to me, carrying his tennis ball:

Stopping to sniff almost turned nasty for Wiggle - Sofy needed to wee and almost got Wiggle on his head!

Sofy: "I wouldn't have wee'd on Wiggle's head. Honest":

Wiggle: "I'm taking my ball and getting out of Sofy's way!":

Cute, "throw the ball" face:

So while Wiggle was busy with his ball, Sofy made her own fun when she found a boggy puddle:

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