Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,606

When I was visiting LucytheLab and her mum in Seattle, Lucy sent me home with a big box of her favourite cookies for Wiggle and Sofy:

There are lots of shapes and flavours, so each day, Wiggle and Sofy have tried a different cookie.  Tonight it was a heard and a bear:

"Look at my lovely sit! Now do I get that nommy cookie?"

Sofy ate her cookie very quickly but was looking happy after!


Lucy the Lab said...

I'm chewing a rabbit-shaped one right now! They're very nommy & BIG which is totally fabbie!

I recommend two paws up!

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Fernando F. said...

Wiggle's pleading face makes me think that I will end giving him the entire box in a couple of days. Is very effective.