Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,515

After heavy rain showers and thunder this morning, we had a lovely walk along the old railway track this afternoon.  Once we were over the bridge, Wiggle was waiting patiently for his lead to come off and for me to take a tennis ball out of my bag:

Looking at Wiggle from this side - no baldy spots!

Once he had his ball, Wiggle was off...

Running further ahead:

And running until he was nearly out of sight!

But Wiggle doesn't like to be too far from me and came back, still with his ball:

Sofy, with her love of eating/rolling in anything decaying & disgusting she can find, stayed on the lead:

Sofy had fun though, balancing on the bench while Wiggle was sniffing out interesting smells:

Another bench, another "I'm taller than you, Wiggle!" opportunity for Sofy:

Enjoying the afternoon sunshine, on what turned out to be a lovely summer's day:

Heading back across the bridge:

And of course, no walk along the railway track would be complete without stopping here:


Ray and the Gang said...

And of course the Obligatory Pose at Black Dog Halt.

Fernando F. said...

looks like a wonderful day to walk with Wiggle and Sofy.