Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,459

This afternoon we went for a walk along the old railway track, which meant crossing the main road:

Once we were over the bridge, Wiggle didn't hang around:

Sofy and I follwed as Wiggle got further ahead:

Sofy had a little rest, sitting on a bench:

We saw sheeps:

And a sheep who'd had a haircut!

And rabbits - two rabbits ran across in front of us while this little bunny was busy eating:

Sofy had also seen the rabbits so it was just as well she was on lead as I think she'd have chased after them!

Wiggle checked to see we were still following him:

Stopping to enjoy the scenery:

We decided that the old bridge would be our halfway point, so a quick picture before turning around and heading back the way we'd come:

The obligatory "Black Dog Halt" photo!


Ray and the Gang said...

No old Rail way excursion would be complete without the obligatory Black Dog Halt photo.

Carol said...

Some really great photos, what a great outing.

Teri Ostrelich said...

How lucky Wiggle and Sofy are to have such great places to roam! Phoebe chooses to have selective hearing when it comes to "stay" or "come" so unfortunately she must be tethered to me when we do our walkabouts. (She does have a big fenced-in backyard which she loves!)