Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,161

Our day started off with some drizzly rain so we had a lazy morning as Mindy had to go into work for a couple of hours, taking Toby and Beenz with her as usual, so Wiggle, Sofy and I walked on Wandsworth Common. We stopped for coffee on the way back where they enjoyed watching the world go by as I drank my latte!

At lunchtime, Mindy and the boys were back and we headed over to Bushy Park
( ) which is somewhere I'd not been to for years, although I did remember as I used to have family living nearby. The park is close to Hampton Court Palace, King Henry Eighth's palace.

After parking the car, we walked towards the Diana Fountain:

Once we were away from the road, the dogs were offlead for some running around:

Wiggle had gone off in the distance:

The dogs were all happy to find some water:

Sofy was being a swamp monster with pondweed on her head!

We stopped for lunch, with our 'audience' taking a keen interest....

Walking further along, lots of running around:

Group photo:

Further along the path, Wiggle was ahead, even though he didn't actually know where he was going!

More water!

Sofy did some swimming:

All 4 in the water:

We walked on some more, and found more water!

Sofy was just standing in the water, watching me:

All the dogs were making their own fun:

We saw deer:

And a heron:

Walking back towards the fountain:

As I type, we have 4 worn out, sleeping Labradors!


Lucy the Lab said...

That looks like a fun day for the four labbies. Sofy is trying oh-so-hard to be a "Labswholunch" member.

It's fun to see all four of them together, playing, swimming & exploring in their little pack.

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Harley said...

What a fun day my pal and swimming too, oh how I love swimming. It was lovely to see you and your pals having such a lovely day.

I do love reading your blog and seeing lots of photos of you, your mummy is very clever and is doing a good job helping you with your blog!

Hope your enjoying a good snuggle and after a great day.

Love and Licks

Harley x