Sunday, 15 May 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,060

Today we went to the Bowood Rhododendron Walk and it seems we picked a good day - warm and bright but not to hot for Wiggle and Sofy.

Once we'd come through the entrance (Wiggle and Sofy both had to jump up to say hello to the lady in the kiosk!), Wiggle was leading the way:

Beautiful flowers:

Wiggle and Sofy at the mausoleum:

Sofy didn't want to sit still, but Wiggle will always sit for a photo!

Sharing the bench at the front of the mausoleum:

Enjoying the flowers:

More of the beautiful flowers:

Wiggle was taking an interest in the blooms:

And quite happily sat, sniffing the air, looking handsome amongst the flowers:

Wiggle and Sofy looked at the pond - probably wishing they could jump in!

A few more photo's of the Rhododendron flowers:

Sofy found a little stick, which seemed to make her very happy:

She liked the little stick so much that she carried it with her for a while!

Wiggle was not distracted by little sticks:

Enjoying the surroundings:

Sniffing in the sunshine:

Happy Lab's:

Wiggle, just happy, sitting in the sun, being Wiggle.....

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

very nice set of pictures.
the place is beautiful.
I found very funny when I see a dog carrying a stick.
Wiggle and Sofy look very handsome/beautiful